My New Normal

These are my Top 5 things that I didn't know, or think, I would need. Having a stroke at age 22 changes your world. There were things I could no longer use, I had to buy new things to help me achieve the basics, and I had to change the way I used certain things. So, take a look below at my Top 5 things that helped me shift from my normal life to my NEW  normal!

  • Kiziks - I only used to wear Birkenstocks. I miss my Birkenstocks. I had about 10 pairs of them. I'm serious when I say they were all I wore. But after my stroke, I couldn't wear them for various reasons. They wouldn't stay on my foot, and  kept slipping off. I would twist my ankle, and they'd fall off. I turned to my one pair of sneakers. Now, I didn't want to have my mom keep tying my sneakers or take the time to do it myself (Although, it was probably good for my hand!) But, when I was in a hurry, I needed something. That is when my mom found Kiziks. You just slip your foot right in, and it goes on perfectly. I was a little skeptical at first, but now they’re  my saving grace. These shoes are so comfortable, so easy-to-use, and so affordable. I loved the first pair so much that I got a second pair. And, that led to a third. And, I’m thinking about a fourth! I highly recommend these shoes! Take a look at them -
  • Nail Clippers - When I didn't want to get my nails done by a professional, it was a struggle. I'd ask my mom to cut them and she'd always be a little too scared to cut them short. So, she'd end up cutting them and then I'd go back 5 days later and have her cut them again. That was until I found these nail clippers on Amazon. The nail clippers said that they were made for arthritic hands, seniors, and kids - they didn’t list  people whose brains  had exploded! They are hot pink and they have a large place to press down, so I can clip my nails on my left side with my right hand. 
  • Fork - I can use my left hand for almost everything, including eating. I kind of forget sometimes how easy it is to just eat with my left hand. But, when I remember or don't get too frustrated I use this Rehabilitation Fork with my right hand. I've seen it used for people with Parkinson's or MS, and honestly, I think it's amazing that they thought of this. I needed something thicker, bigger, and chunkier to get my food up to my mouth. When it's not something too messy, I will use this. And I think it's wonderful! Shout out to Amazon! 
  • Ankle Support Brace - I was that kind of person, who before my stroke, had weak ankles. When I was about 10 years old, I tore a ligament in my right ankle. I healed it with a PEMF Mat and Acupuncture. When I had my stroke, my entire right side was affected, including my ankle. So, this ankle support brace just gives my ankle the extra support it needs. I tend to turn my ankle inwards. I wear this brace on hikes, when we're going for walks, or when we have a long day planned. I got it from Amazon!
  • Shower Bench Seat - This says that it's for the elderly, seniors, handicapped, and disabled people, and they’re seriously right about disabled people needing it. I used to think I didn’t need  one of these. I was trying to act all tough, but then I started shaving my legs, and I needed one so badly or I was going to fall out of the shower! It just makes life so much easier to have something to sit on or to lean against. Now, I love it! I love having a shower bench seat. Even though it might be for the elderly or seniors, it really helps someone who is disabled with one strong leg. I highly recommend it! I purchased mine through Amazon. 

I purchased all of the above  through Amazon; they all  can be found here -

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