Life is Like Photography

For me, photography has been my love affair with life. As a result of my photographic experiences, I’m convinced that life is like photography. In the age of film you needed a negative to develop a photo. Similarly, in our own lives, we need the negative to develop. Our seemingly negative events that visit us are for our evolutionary development and transformation.

If this experience called life was too easy, there would be no challenges. We are on this planet for learning experiences so we can develop on our quest for success.

So focus on what’s important so you can capture it perfectly. Capture the good times.

Develop from the negative.

And if things don’t turn out, just take another shot.

Always, and I repeat, always look on the bright side of things. Let the light be your guide.

Light makes photography. Embrace Light! Admire it! Love it, but above all know Light! Know it for all it is worth and you will know the key to life and photography.

After my stroke experience, I was guided to use my camera as an instrument of light. I’ll never forget flying home to Los Angeles from Dallas, Texas where I had been hospitalized for several days. I realized my left arm and hand needed serious divine healing. I was experiencing chronic “Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.” I asked The Universal Force, was I to continue photographing? A voice whispered you have one hand. Use it. I listened and continued my quest to photograph, even though I could only use my right hand and was experiencing severe pain in my left. My camera put a world of possibilities and opportunities literally at my fingertips.

Opportunity follows struggle. It follows effort. It follows smart work. It follows determination. It follows tenacity. It follows passion. It follows dedication. It doesn’t come before.

If I could have told my story in words, I would not have had the need to lug around a heavy camera while disabled. I’m so elated that I listened and I kept snapping.

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