Beautifully Broken Brain


Even if a sunflower has a hole

It does not make it weak

It continues in its growth

The sun it will still seek

Uniquely, brilliantly wearing its crown

With the surety of a queen

Even with a blemish it knows

Of its worth to be seen

Beneath my own crown

Lies an unseen blemish

Why should that determine

That my worth is to be diminished?

Even with this altering bruise

Why can’t I be bright

Why can’t I be strong

Or beautiful of it despite

Take the ancient craft of Kintsugi

Its results are considered art

Shimmers coming from liquid gold

Bonded together many broken parts

A technique that draws many in

With its uniqueness unparalleled

Subtle and shining in its beauty

Art provided by featured Artist Jen Vallina of One Sock On Photography

By the golden material it is held

I may be broken in a way

Still something grand holds me together

Attributes that are surely golden

Making my “broken self” better

The strength to keep growing

Come out from the shadows to the light

To not give up when told

Even when in my way are plights

The inner confidence to

No longer hang my head down

For even with an unseen blemish

I am still worthy of a crown

The self-worth to know that

An alteration does not confine

I can still bring smiles and beauty

Even with a few poetry lines

If flowers with holes still grow

Broken pieces can be held together with gold

And yet knowingly have much worth

Can’t I too be this bold

To be audacious enough

To let my unique voice be heard?

To show that my brain might be (beautifully) broken

But my lovely spirit moves onward

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